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Making climate-sensitive investments in agriculture

Climate change is a major challenge for agriculture, a vital source of food, income and employment for most of the world’s poor. Agricultural investments, as a result, need to become more climate sensitive. This is as true for general agricultural investments focused on development outcomes as for projects specifically addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation. This comprehensive knowledge product provides investment practitioners with practical reference material on integrating climate risk considerations at all stages of the investment project cycle, from design to implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Produced by multidisciplinary teams across FAO, the knowledge product is organized as a compendium of modules and thematic sections. It builds on a 2012 FAO guidance document and draws on the most recent information and data sources, including the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. It also showcases FAO-developed tools, tested approaches and selected experiences, and discusses climate financing opportunities for agriculture.

This publication has been updated to include a Foreword on page XIII on 14/05/2021.


UN and Sourcing Matters

Aaron Niederhelman is CEO & co-founder of OneHealthAg.  He hosts the widely listened to podcast on iTunes: SourcingMatters.show, and is a fishmonger focused on preserving the unique values of the region he is from through HINGELINE (monger.fish).


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